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Tired of your sheet slipping off the mattress?

So were we! That’s why we invented the SheetLock™ Pro. Specially designed for flexibility, our advanced closure can stay on the side, or slide underneath the mattress for total discretion.

SMALL - Twin & Kids LARGE - Full, Queen and King
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Happiness Is A Restful Sleep! Tired of struggling with curled, slipping bed sheets that prevent you from immersing in a peaceful, deep, beneficial night sleep? Have you had enough with wrinkled, rolled sheets that give you a headache every time you change side in your sleep, making your bed look like a battlefield? Say Hello To The Last Bed Sheet Holders You Will Ever Need! Made with comfort as top notch and with an upgraded, INNOVATIVE design, SheetLock Bed Sheet Grippers are coming to hold tightly your sheets in place, offering your bed the luxury of a completely WRINKLE-FREE bedding that guarantees deep, rejuvenating sleep! Unlike most similar products on the market that feature flimsy, poor clipping power metal clips that pop off with the slightest move, these sheet stays will take away all worries of securing your sheets ONCE AND FOR ALL, until it’s time to change them! Easiest 3-STEP Installation! 1. Simply strap the adjustable sheet straps around the head and the foot of your mattress. 2. Slip the sheet over the mattress and the SheetLock corner holders. 3. Insert the SheetLock button ON TOP of the sheet and PUSH UP. LOCK IN TIGHTLY the ergonomic button and enjoy the most reliable bed sheet suspenders, that WON’T POP OFF, won’t BREAK , won’t HURT your fingers every time you change your sheets! Perfect For All Beds, All Bedding Sets .. Durable, adjustable and coming in S and L size to fit ANY BEDDING SET, they make a unique longevity bed sheet suspender set for ALL TYPES OF BEDS, guaranteed to take your relaxation to a whole new level! Get Your SheetLock Bed Sheet Holders & Enjoy Quality Sleep! Click Add To Cart NOW While Supplies Last!

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SMALL – Twin & Kids, LARGE – Full, Queen and King

5 reviews for SheetLockPro™


    I love Sheetlock! It was really easy to use and worked perfectly!

  2. Rated 4 out of 5


    I love Sheetlock! It was really easy to use and worked perfectly!

  3. admin

    Bought these after my husband repeatedly complained about our sheets lifting up in the corner of our king bed every night. At first I was going to purchase a different product that had to be removed and put back on each time the sheets were changed. This product is much easier to use. Once the elastic belts are put on over your mattress cover, only the little button locks need to removed when the sheets are changed. Put on new sheets and lock the four buttons and you are good to go. Very easy to put on the mattress. One tip: The directions on the box do not clearly state to put the elastic bands on horizontally at the head and foot of the bed. For $15 I solved the problem without having to buy very expensive new sheets!

  4. admin

    I was hesitant about this product at first. We have a split adjustable bed that when changing the sheets it should be considered a competitive sport. My husband’s side of the bed always seemed to lose his fitted sheet sometime during the night so I purchased the corner grippers with the metal clasps that ended up breaking and thus a metal clasp graveyard is at the head of his side of the bed. I even went so far as to put two of the corner gripper thingies together to stretch across the underneath of his mattress to hold his fitted sheet on only to have the little buggers snap and leave me crying in pain and cursing under my breath. I finally stumbled upon these and thought, “why not”…well, I can honestly say, “what a wonderful product!” My husband’s fitted sheet no longer migrates during the night and I no longer have to deal with the metal clasps from Hades. Once we finish purchasing new mattresses for the rest of the house I plan to purchase them for the rest of the family. I would definitely recommend these to everyone. If you have a Queen or King size bed you may need help putting the ‘girdle’ on. Our split mattresses are Twin size so I was able to put it on by myself without any issues.

  5. admin

    I’ve tried many other products in an attempt to keep my bed sheets tight but nothing works as good as the Sheetlock. I was worried that the straps would be noticeable under the sheet but not so. Excellent product that has exceeded my expectations

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