Switch Vodka Light | Utilizing an iStill Distilling Process


iStill Distilling Process

A question we’re often asked is:

Why does this vodka taste so much crisper and cleaner than anything else we’ve ever tried before?

While people often think it might be because our vodka is distilled using melted glacier water from Antarctica, the truth is much simpler than that.

Switch vodka utilizes an iStill distilling process. This modern approach to vodka distilling allows more control over the process than ever before. With intelligent automation, we’re able to produce a very high-quality vodka with a near-perfect level of consistency.

We are also proud that our iStill is over 90% efficient in its energy use. The Switch lifestyle is all about improving everything around you from what you put in your body to your impact on this planet. From our iStill distilling to our eco-friendly packaging, the aim is to do things the right way, not the cheap and quick way.