and so much more

Cuba offers all this

Cars, Cigars, Cuban Rhythms and Caribbean Cooking

A sunset stroll down the malecon, breathing in the fresh salty sea air. An impromptu stop at a local bar where cuban couples sway with mesmerizing rhythm to the live trio of musicians. A complicated history broken down into tangible reality by Cubans in their very own words. An encounter with an entrepreneur that will amaze you with her inventiveness.

This is no ordinary place. This is no ordinary trip.

This is Cuba.

Hands-on cultural tours, tailored to your group’s interests

No two travelers are exactly alike. We take the time to listen to your interests and customize an itinerary based exactly on how you travel and what your interests are. Love classic cars? We’ll get you in working alongside mechanics sharing greasy tools. Are you a cocktail connoisseur? Get behind the bar with Havana’s hottest mixologists to learn their favorite recipes.

All of our trips include a Cuban guide to facilitate your journey and ensure your trip to this beautiful island is as smooth as possible.

We design trips for groups, schools, summer programs, and families of all ages and generations

Imagine pounding a drum alongside a street conga with your little one, or exploring the city in a scavenger hunt.

We can also create women’s only trips that focus on female Cuban entrepreneurs, cooks, musicians, artists and superstar mothers. We too love to travel with our girlfriends and know how to do it right.

Whatever your group’s interests, we’ll create an exceptional trip that showcases culture, music, arts and genuine Cuban warmth.

Not a tour person? Hey, neither are we. We believe in travel, not touring. We focus on the people – you, and the Cubans you’ll meet – to create experiences that are unique and personal.

The options for what you can see, do, eat and experience are many – so many, they’re overwhelming. Our team, together with our network of contacts, know the out-of-the-way places and the unforgettable places that make your Cuban experience unlike any other.

Have questions about Cuban travel? You might find the answers on our Cuba Info  page. Or, drop us a line – we’re happy to answer questions and offer suggestions.