Sell Your Psychiatry

Practice – for CASH !

Are you ready to exit your Practice?

We are a rapidly growing Telepsychiatry firm interested and ready to buy your Practice Patient relationships and continue to compassionately treat your Patients.

    How Do I Sell My Patients Quickly For Cash?

    Contact Us

    Simply call or complete a contact request to start a confidential conversation.

    Determine Counts

    Because we purchase patient records, we will need accurate counts of your total Psychiatric Patients and their date of last service.

    Review Our Offer

    We will prepare a written Offer based on your provided patient counts. Typically, we provide an Offer for both recouse and non-recouse transactions.

    Accept Offer

    Choose to accept our Offer and we will get to work preparing the Purchase Agreement and making arrangements for an Escrow Funding and Closing.

    Notify Patients

    Immediately following Closing, we will mutually notify purcahsed patients that their care provider has been reassigned. Our Staff will then contact and welcome each personally.

    Final Settlement

    For purchases with recourse terms, we will provide detailed accounting and final payment 6 months following Closing.

    It’s your decision

    when to move on.

    Whether you are ready now, or still comteplating the exit from your Practice, we still want to start a conversation and help you determine your options.

    So, contact us today and know with certainity what we can offer for your patient assets.